Monday, June 20, 2011

Single Again by Victoria Jaycox

As you can see, I devoured Victoria Jaycox's book, "Single Again: A Guide for Women Starting Over," with sticky notes. Sadly, I do not own this book. This book is a library book. I am definitely going to purchase this book. Now the task remains to keep all my sticky notes for future reference. Any ideas?

This book is phenomenal. Designed for women, who are single due to being divorced or being a widow,  this book covers every single aspect of being single. From financial to sex, every relevant topic is address. I was so surprised that through my own transition, I had done some of the things suggested. What was more overwhelming was the presence of resources, life lessons from actual women, and the "matter-of-fact" writing style. 
Some of the stories shared gave me so much hope. I am not alone. My situation is not as bad as it could have been. However, I am making the best of it. Thanks to the information provided in this book I am so inspired and motivated.

Honestly, I think women, who have not been married, can benefit from this book as well.  I think that can take the suggestions, resources shared, and they can use it to inspire and motivate them. 

Addressing sexual relations, I especially liked the chart that presented the various types of sexual relationships you can engage. The chart identified advantages and disadvantages for each type. Some of the advantages and disadvantages I would never have considered at first. Celibacy was even addressed.

This book is definitely a must read, as well as one of my favorite books now. Are you single? How are you dealing with being single?

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