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Maria Juana's Gift by T. Lloyd Winetsky

Grabbing my attention from the very beginning, Maria Juana's Gift, written by T. Lloyd Winetsky, reveals a love story, which began from an unimaginable connection and grew into a surreal romance. Maria Juana's Gift unfolds using flashbacks to illustrate the beginning of the love affair between Tina and Jake.  Finding an immediate commonality with Jake and Tina, I discover I possess a strange desire to figure out exactly how the plot will unfold.  Having been a special education teacher for years, this commonality creates a familiarity with the text and encouraged me to devour it.  The passion that both Tina and Jake have spills over into their admiration they quickly have for each other.  Sprinkled with Spanish throughout the text, Maria Juana's Gift demonstrates the power of love and trust in a relationship and how these two components can lend a helping hand through the most trying of times.  After reading Maria Juana's Gift, I appreciated more the lives of my three …

PR by the Book's "Escape to Austin" Contest

PR by the Book's "Escape to Austin" Contest To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, PR by the Book will award one literary lover a trip to the home of storytellers like O. Henry and Willie Nelson: Austin, Texas
AUSTIN – Now in its 10th year of operation, with a growing pool of star literary talent and media personalities, PR by the Book has become a go-to firm in the book publishing industry for innovative publicity campaigns and top-tier media placement. 
Founded in 2002 by Marika Flatt, PR by the Book has grown from a one-woman operation to a team of 10, representing everyone from The Berenstain Bears series to Rex Pickett, author of the beloved book-turned-movie, Sideways.
Now, PR by the Book has decided it’s time to share the love. And what better way to do that than to award a trip to the town where it all got started: Austin, Texas?
"Austin has burgeoned into a bustling literary community. When I started in book publicity here in 1997, I’d meet people who would be su…

The Bum Magnet by K. L. Brady

The Bum Magnet by K. L. Brady strolled into my library via one of my co-workers, while I was in the hospital. I normally do not read fiction books, especially romance fiction. I thrive off of non-fiction. However, since my sickness was life-threatening, I decided to give the book a try, AND I am happy to say I enjoyed reading The Bum Magnet.
Charisse Tyson was perhaps the epitome of most black women now. She was a successful business-woman, who really had it all. Charisse looked great, lived in a huge house, drove the expensive car, had a great body, and behaved like a lady.  Does this sound like someone you know? K. L. Brady captures the reader by drawing them into Charisse. Of course, Charisse had it going on, but she was MANLESS. Despite being the perfect catch for a “good” man, Charisse had a closet full of “bum” skeletons. The men in her past have been all but good.
ReadingThe Bum Magnet, sometimes I found myself in Charisse’s shoes. (I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing).…

Life and Struggles by Cassandra Hawkins-Wilson

This post is different from other posts because I am posting about a book I recently published.  Check out my new poetry book, Life and Struggles:  I am looking forward to reviews about my poetry book!! :)

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My Magnolia Memories and Musings by Patricia Neely-Dorsey

"My Magnoila Memories and Musings" is the second book, written by Patricia Neely Dorsey. Continuing the tradition of embracing her Southern heritage and extinguishing the negative connotations about being Southern, Dorsey uses her love for Mississippi and the South in general to create a book of poetry destined to trigger your own Southern memories and memories of your own life.  This book of poetry can be devoured fast or slow, depending on the reader's pace and the flow of the reader's own Magnolia memories.  Just by looking at the cover of the infamous Magnolia flower, a reader can just feel Dorsey's Southern Pride screaming at you.  Using this book of poetry in my class at Jackson State University, I read some of her poems during my writing marathon sessions.  Not only was a using the poems to help my students trigger their own memories for the writing topic, I showed my students that people from Mississippi are wonderful writers/authors and inspired my stude…

Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fifty Shades of Grey has left me completely speechless. Suggested by a guy I met at a restaurant, this book is definitely not my normal genre to read. The complexity and up/down mannerisms of Christian Grey and the naive, overthinking Anastasia Steele lead me from page 1 to page 514. Even though the writer's ability to transform the plot isn't top-notched, I was intrigued nevertheless. I vigorously read page after page, often in the wee hours of the morning. Not sure if I would recommend this book for others unless they are into literature, which includes erotism. The ending disappointed me, but I am sure the disappointed is the author's trick to get me to read part 2 of the trilogy. I am not so sure I am going to read the other two books. I need a mental break from Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

Before reading this book, I didn't know anything about the world of BDSM, but this book opened me to the …

Your 5-Minute Personal Coach: Ask the Right Questions, Get the Right Answers by Valorie Burton

Valorie Burton's book, "Your 5-Minute Personal Coach: Ask the Right Questions, Get the Right Answers, is definitely a must-read. Following the format of asking questions, this book forces you to examine various areas in your life by posing questions. Using biblical scripture as a guide, Burton allows you to examine your own thoughts and beliefs, while suggesting feasible solutions and recommendations to improve.  When reading this book, you should make sure you have a pen and a notepad. You will definitely need it.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I tend not to re-read books for a second time, but this book is definitely a one I plan on reading again.

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TBR Reading Challenge

I am going to take the TBR Double Dare Reading Challenge. Will you join me!!!? If you are going to join me, post a comment with a link to your blog!

I want to read 100 books in 2012. My TBR List has 163 books on it. The entries are listed by the title and then by the author. Have you read any of these books?  Here are the books on my TBR List:

Eat, Pray, LoveGilbert, Elizabeth
Running With ScissorsBurroughs, Augusten
InfidelAli, Ayaan Hirsi
Disappearing ActsMcMillan, Terry
A Day Late and a Dollar ShortMcMillan, Terry
MamaMcMillan, Terry
The Interruption of EverythingMcMillan, Terry
Psychobiography and Life NarrativesMcAdams, Dan P.
Handbook of PsychobiographySchultz, William Todd
Personology: Method and Content in Personality Assessment and PsychobiographyAlexander, Irving E.
Lives, Events and Other Players: Studies in PsychobiographyColtrera, Joseph L.
Napoleon Against Himself: A PsychobiographyAvner, Falk
WenchPerkins-Valdez, Dolen *
Purple HibiscusAdichie, Chimamanda Ngozi
Fifth Bo…

2012 Reading Challenge

Last year, 2011, I ended the year with a bang. I finished a book on December 31, 2011, making it my 38th book of the year.  My goal was to read 50 books, and I probably would have, if I didn't have so much going on in my life. I am determined to read 100 books this year! This means that I will read an average of about 2 books a week. I can do it! I know that I can. What is your reading challenge for 2012.  Look at the widget at the top of this blog and submit your 2012 Reading Challenge. Don't forget to leave a comment about your 2012 Reading Challenge. Happy New Year!