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I've heard about eBook subscriptions, but I have never tried them. I love the feel of books and seeing them beaming on my shelves. 
Currently, my books are in storage. I miss them dearly. Their absence have me craving for books.  My friends suggested that I check out Scribd. 
Similar to Netflix, Scrib puts books in the palm of your hand, and you only pay $9.00. Skeptical about signing up, I decided to try it using  the 30 day free trial. I wonder if I will become addicted. During my pregnancy, I was addicted to Netflix because I was on bed rest. 
So far, I have two books in my library. I like how an estimated time of how long it will take to read the book is provided. I'm intrigued by this feature. 
Some books have an audiobook option. I spend a lot time in my car when I pick of my children from school. I may try the audiobooks. A subscription for audiobooks is available, too. 
Do you subscribe to an eBook service? What are your thoughts? 

Book Review: The Hard Times by Russell Scott

The Hard Times by Russell Scott highlights life from the perspective of men.  Scott includes love, tragedy, divorce, theft, and betrayal, among other themes, to portray how love can trump over it all.  Ray Moffett's journey throughout the novel is filled with real-life events that readers can relate.  My curiosity about the ties between Fritz and Ray was fully satisfied as the novel unfolded.

Being a physician from my home state of Mississippi, Scott pays close attention to details throughout the text, just like I am sure he does at the hospital.  This attention to detail makes using figurative language a breeze, as Scott plays on the emotions of the reader. Also, Scott leaves the reader contemplating interactions with others, as well as how the interactions ultimately can impact their lives. Bringing in his medical expertise, Scott narrates a drama that if full of characters with life and drama with surreal emotions.

Overall, I was very pleased with the book.  From the beginning t…