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March Featured Writer: Addie Citchens Book - The Fire-Starter

Knowing Addie, since my undergraduate years at Jackson State, I was so happy to read her first book. She is so talented. I recently finished the book, The Fire-Starter. This book is amazing. Every word stuck to me like glue. Stay tuned for my official review of the book. I cannot wait to read more of her books. 
Check out the Q&A session with Addie! Don't forget to purchase The Fire-Starter. Visit her website to learn more about her text. 

Questions and Answer Session

1. Give us some background, what did you do before writing this book?

Before writing this book, I lived a lot, observed people, asked questions, wrote 50 bad drafts, and read many books, sometimes over and over. I write because I’m nosy, and I love people and want to live their lives, too. That might sound crazy, though. I write because I want to understand.

2. What were the events that inspired the book?

I was watching a crime show on television where a girl was murdered and raped, and her murderer got like…