Sunday, July 10, 2016

Book Review: Divanomics by Michelle McKinney Hammon

Book Title: Divanomics
Author: Michelle McKinney Hammon
Format: Hardback
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I just finished reading Divanomics by Michelle McKinney Hammon. Surprisingly, this book is an excellent read. I ordered this book from Black Expressions Book Club because the title was appealing. Ironically, I did judge a book by its cover. I'm glad I did. On the cover of the book, is a yellow sales tag with the inscription, “how to be still fabulous when you're broke.” As I read it page by page, I fought the urge to mark it up, highlight it, and stick “post-it” notes all through it. I plan on doing that the second round through.

Michelle McKinney Hammon has written a lot of books, which I didn't know. Now I am excited to read a few of the others. Funny, she wrote her first book, when she lost all her money. Perhaps, the most intriguing aspect of the book is that she writes as if she is having a conversation with you while sharing her personal situation. Who does that nowadays? Who exposes their faults, problems, and insecurities for the world to judge them?

This book not only reveals the “rut” you can get in with trying to live beyond your means, but it explores solutions to the problem. Michelle shares valuable information about how to live a meaningful life while sharing relevant scriptures, which was another surprise about the book. Some of the knowledge she shares you already know, but her delivery speaks to you as if she is right here with you, sitting at your kitchen table, sipping coffee or tea.

One of the ideas I particularly think I may try is the Shopping Club. I shop at Sam's Club, courtesy of my mother and her interior design business (saving money on membership). However, I find myself throwing away rotten food because I didn't cook all the food. The object of a shopping club is to go to a large retailer and to share food and other bulk items with friends. Everyone buys things and splits them up. This idea saves you money, creates long lasting friendships, and creates a sense of community. What a great idea!

Overall, I am glad I read this book. This book exposes the pure reality of wanting things that are beyond your means. Michelle shows you how to get out of your financial rut in a manner that provides ways to get you what you want within your means and ways to recover from overspending. She is careful not to override financial gurus Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey, but she adds a little flavor to the information they share. I strongly recommend this book. Get your highlighter, notepad, pen, and “Post-It” notes ready. You won't be disappointed. I surely wasn't!

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