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7 Authors Attend My Dream Book Conference

I love books, and I cannot lie. If I were given the opportunity to organize a book conference with any of my favorite authors, I would be in "book heaven."  Being surrounded by books make me feel safe and warm.  Therefore, if I could plan the perfect book conference, I would have some of my favorite authors to be on the panel.

The location for my meeting would be the American Library in Paris, France. I love the history of the American Library in Paris.  Initially, the American Library in Paris was created to provide books to the members of the United States Armed Forces in World War I.  Now, The American Library in Paris has expanded to be one of the largest English-lending libraries in Europe. Plus, the library provides a view of the Eiffel Tower, which is on my bucket list.  I have images of the Eiffel Tower throughout my house, as a visual reminder that one day I will go to Paris. Just imagining being surrounded by first editions and being able to view the Eiffel Tower, …