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Today, I decided to get a library card at the Oxford Public Library. I cancelled my Scribd subscription, since membership is increasing. Whi...

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Addicted to Scribd

I think I am addicted to Scribd. I've been reading Infidel on my phone. This book has so many themes. It's very hard to put down. I will be writing a very thorough blogpost about it later.

Today, I started an audiobook using the one full credit that I had to go along with my free trial. I listened as I ran errands and took my daughter to ballet. My children were into the book even more than I was.  Ironically, my eight year old practiced a technique described in the book. 

I listened to audiobooks a long time ago. I'm sure I blogged about it then.  I had my children hooked on audiobooks after reading The Help. Somehow, I stopped. I will be giving up some of my ratchetness to continue my love of books. 

So now, I don't know what to do. I'm reading three books at one time. 😩😩😩. I'm reading The Poet's Secret (paperback), Infidel (Scribd), and 18 Minutes. Plus, I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month. Did I mention that I have a two month old, too?!  What am I to do?!  I blame Scribd