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Book Review: Date Like a Woman by Kai Nicole

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Book Title: Date Like a Woman
Author: Kai Nicole
Format: Paperback
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Date Like a Woman highlights Kai Nicole's often "unconventional dating beliefs' to make a date a more pleasurable experience for women. What intrigued me the most about this book is that Kai Nicole was not focused on teaching a woman how to date for the goal of getting married, which is often the focus of dating books for women. Kai Nicole's approach centered on making sure that women understood how to date as a means of enjoying the dating experience.

Each chapter of the book highlighted an important aspect of dating, which often has conflicting viewpoints. For example, Chapter 2, entitled Managing Expectations, provided steps for women to channel their expectations when it comes to dating. I personally found Chapter 7 to be the most intriguing. The title of Chapter 7 was "What You Can Learn from Strippers and Groupies." I liked this chapter because Kai Nicole emphasized how it is essential to understand details about an individual to fully know how to deal with him, which is what strippers and groupies are skilled at doing.

Kai Nicole's writing style helps to convey her ideology in a friendly non-threatening manner. She isn't preaching to the reader and forcing on the reader that her dating approach should be law. She writes as if she is your friend, whom you are chatting with at a Girl's Night Out Sleepover party. She shares her dating approach based on how she dates.

I believe Date Like a Woman provides a fresh approach to dating. Some of the techniques shared aren't feasible for several reasons, but many are practical that can be implemented today. For women, who are returning to dating science, this book is a great tool to encourage the enjoyment of dating rather than the chore of dating.

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About the Author

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Kai Nicole holds degrees from Harvard University and Howard University School of Law.
She has worked in law, entertainment, technology (Silicon Valley), and has done business development consulting for multiple entrepreneurs.
A native Washingtonian, she has also lived in Boston and Atlanta. Kai is currently residing with her family in the suburbs of San Francisco.

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