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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Resilient Woman: Mastering the Steps to Personal Power

Broken into three significant parts, The Resilient Woman: Mastering the Steps to Personal Power enveloped the essence of the word, resilient. Having heard this word before and used mostly as a description of hard-working women, I have developed a new-found knowledge of the term, and it's application to my life.Written by Dr. Patricia O'Gorman, PhD., this book contains three parts. Part I and Part II identifies negative and positive aspects of resilience and includes seven steps toward conscious resilience. Part III provides steps to use resilience in your life.  Even though the introduction of the various real life situations were often confusing, this text can be useful in both the personal and professional lives of women. I read the book without completely using the journaling questions, but I can use the questions to create thought provoking writing marathons.