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Book Review: River Queens by Alexander Watson

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Book Title: River Queens
Book Author: Alexander Watson
Format: Manuscript Copy
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (⭐⭐⭐⭐)
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I am excited that I am getting back on track with my book reviews that are long overdue. I just finished reading River Queens by Alexander Watson. River Queens is about the journey of two men and their dog in the once unfamiliar world of boating. When these men go from being owners of an antique and renovation building to randomly transforming a wooden boat from looking like a nightmare gone wrong to a dream yacht named Betty Jane, I knew that this book would probably be like none that I have ever read.

It is said that a true river man searches the earth until he finds his very own river. A search that is as personal as it is for a mate.”- page 222 in River Queens

Even though I was lost with the boating terms sprinkled throughout River Queens, I appreciated the dose of reality about relationships with family, your significant other, and random people, whom you meet. The back of the River Queens contains a dictionary to understand the boating world terms that Watson’s use to further illustrate his point. The boating terms sometimes distracts and confuses the reader. So, readers can definitely appreciate this feature.

Throughout River Queens, Watson presents the rawness of life, especially from the viewpoint of a homosexual couple. With this text, Watson shows the normalcy surrounding people not accepting his relationship with his partner, Dale, as romantic and not just friends, while illuminating the beauty of a wonderful relationship with man’s best friend, a Dalmatian dog named Doris Faye. I like how Watson does not give an illusion that the relationship that he has with Dale is dreamy and perfect. Watson lets the reader know how decisions impacting the well-being of both must be discussed and addressed. I like how Watson shows the good, the bad, and ugly when you are embarking on a new and unfamiliar adventure, while in a relationship.

The reader learns so much about Watson and Dale in River Queens. Watson and Dale’s desire to renovate Betty Jane and trek across the rivers of the United States illuminates the importance of resilience, determination, and discipline. The time, effort, and commitment that Dale and Watson have to renovate Betty Jane amazed me, and I think it is truly remarkable and commendable. Watson does not focus primarily on sharing the wonderful aspects of the trek on the rivers, but he highlights in River Queens many instances of doubt, regret, physical and mental turmoil, and so much more. I think that everyone can benefit from reading this text because there are so many life lessons.

About  River Queens

Two men who have absolutely no business buying a boat, do; have the forty-five foot cruiser hauled to the Arkansas River; and plan to cruise down the Arkansas, up the Mississippi, and up to Ohio to re-settle in Cincinnati. But re-rigging the boat in the remotest part of eastern Oklahoma takes more time than they thought; the Mississippi isn't necessarily a river savvy boaters push up; and well, life, with its responsibilities and obligations, keeps poking its nose in. The summer vacation jaunt becomes an odyssey of epic proportions.

About the Author

Alexander Watson is an entrepreneur, an adventurer, and author. He has salvaged his families from bankruptcy, renovated derelict rental properties into Class A apartments; and restored a vintage motor yacht to its factory-new shine. In 2008, he sold it all to pursue a chance at life on the river.
Alexander's grandparents are responsible for his writing ability and his wanderlust. His grandfather who, as pioneering air-conditioning engineer, tamed the summer heat from the Sonora, across the Caribbean, to the Negev and beyond; he journaled obsessively. His Nan sent postcards and letters. But to get, Watson had to reciprocate. He still sends cards & letters whenever away from home. Watson’s book, River Queens: Saucy boat, stout mates, spotted dog, America tells of the extraordinary people found only on our nation’s rivers. Watson now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his partner and his dog, a black standard poodle named Kohl.


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