Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Why I Don’t Read Introductions

Today, I decided to get a library card at the Oxford Public Library. I cancelled my Scribd subscription, since membership is increasing. While getting books for my youngest, I saw a Toni Morrison book, Recitatif. Checking it out, I was excited. It’s short, so I knew I could read it quickly. 

When I returned home, I curled up in my bed to start reading. I decided to read the introduction. Sighs. The introduction had quotes from the actual text. I kept reading. Then, I glanced ahead and noticed that the introduction was half the book. 😠

So, I stopped reading the introduction. Now, the joy of discovering this book is gone. I can’t help but to determine who’s black and who’s white because of that discussion in the introduction. Unconsciously, I keep trying to figure that out and ignoring the actual plot of the short.

Normally, I skip the introductions of texts. They often have biases based on the writer’s understanding of the text. Introductions give away so much of a text in their explanations that it can ruin the experience for me. 

So, I’m curious. Do you read the introduction of a book? 

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