Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Day of Thrifty Book Shopping

Today, I racked up on books. My younger sister collects Stephen Kings books. My mom collects John Grisham books. I also purchased six LPS from the Salvation Army for my new turntable/cd/radio/cassette/mp3 player.  I bought 22 books from the Salvation Army and 11 books for the flea market in Pearl, MS.  I only spent $14 on books at the Salvation Army and $11 at the store in Pearl, MS. I really need to build some more bookcases because I have an overflow of books now. What has been your best adventure with book shopping.

On another note: When I went to the Goodwill in Pearl, I didn't see any books, which caught my eye. A little girl was playing with one of those cars that you sit on and move with your feet.  The child's mother told her to get up. The mother looked at the price, and she put the little car back. It was quite obvious that she could not afford the car. The little girl cried, but it was a different cry. It was a true cry of sadness. After they walked off, I look at the car. It was $8. Knowing that a man gave me a book today FREE out of the kindness of his heart, I bought the car and gave it to the woman. The little girl gave me a hug and kiss and said thank you. That was the best $8 I have ever spent. Blessing others is a wonderful feeling, especially children.

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