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Borrowing Books

Last year was the last year that I lend someone a book from my collection. My books never come back to me. Oh the stories that I have. 
During graduate school, I once allowed a “friend” to borrow a book that I bought when I first visited Washington, D. C. when I was in elementary school. This book was sentimental to me. The blue cover was perfect. I cannot remember the name of the book, but I remember the content. The book was a slave narrative written in slave dialect. The book also provided the standard English version, too. She ended up becoming angry with I didn’t do what she wanted me to do. I wish that I knew what the name of the book was to repurchase it. As you can see, I’m still bothered my this book missing from my collection. 
When I was dating people, I would let them borrow my books. Then, when it ended, I would have to harass or be immensely petty to get my books back. Sometimes, I’ve been like it is what it is. Then, I just replace the book. However, 2018 is the beginning…
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Reading in 2018

I know you are probably wondering why I haven’t posted any book reviews or blog posts. It’s not because I haven’t been resting because I have been devouring books. The demands of being a mother, working full time, finishing my dissertation, and living my best life have distracted me from maintaining my blog.  
Book review posts are coming soon. I’ve read some pretty amazing books that I need to review. So stay tuned to my discussion of them. 
The most exciting thing for me has been finding free books at libraries. I’ve been racking up on random books. As you know, I just love the presence of books, so I really don’t have a true focus when I snatch up free books. 
What books are you currently reading? What would you like to see in a blog post? Let’s chat. Leave your comments. 
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Book Review: The First Gospel by Darryl Nyznyk

Book Title: The First Gospel
Author: Darryl Nyznyk
Format: Paperback
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The First Gospel was the second book that I read by Darryl Nyznyk. (See my review of The Condor Song.)

I was attracted to the book because of the cover.  I was intrigued to discover how the cover related to the actual text.

The First Gospel is a historical fiction novel that keeps you enthralled until the very end.  The main character, Matt Carter, is thrown into a religious fight that leaves him wondering if he will live to see the next day.

Matt Carter's family owned a parchment that was key to the religious fight. Matt becomes aware of the deadly fight, when a former professor, Samuel Rosen sends Matt a letter before he is killed. After the death of Samuel Rosen, the religious fight intensifies with death after death.

As I read The First Gospel, I was reminded of The Divinci Code.  Darryl Nyznyk creates in an amazing plot that makes me, at times, wished that I read faster. I really e…

Book Review: In the Heart of Texas by Ginger McKnight-Chavers

Book Title: In The Heart of Texas
Author: Ginger McKnight-Chavers
Format: Paperback
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In the Heart of Texas is a story about an actress, Jo Randolph, and her unexpected transition to her hometown, Midland Texas.  Having a desire to be an actress since her childhood, Jo achieves her dream, but she has to pay a cost.

This book was quite entertaining.  Striving to be more than a desperate actress, Jo became entangled in a unique love affair that ultimately costs her a coveted job and a familiar life. Ultimately, as Jo's life falls apart, she partakes in a journey of self-discovery, which transforms her life right before her eyes.

Once Jo's love affair explodes into a media circus, she quickly retreats to her hometown, Midland, Texas.  Having promised herself that she would not return to her hometown, she quickly experiences a culture shock.  Adjusting to the slow pace of Midland, Texas from Hollywood is a very interesting transition for Jo.

While home, Jo i…

7 Authors Attend My Dream Book Conference

I love books, and I cannot lie. If I were given the opportunity to organize a book conference with any of my favorite authors, I would be in "book heaven."  Being surrounded by books make me feel safe and warm.  Therefore, if I could plan the perfect book conference, I would have some of my favorite authors to be on the panel.

The location for my meeting would be the American Library in Paris, France. I love the history of the American Library in Paris.  Initially, the American Library in Paris was created to provide books to the members of the United States Armed Forces in World War I.  Now, The American Library in Paris has expanded to be one of the largest English-lending libraries in Europe. Plus, the library provides a view of the Eiffel Tower, which is on my bucket list.  I have images of the Eiffel Tower throughout my house, as a visual reminder that one day I will go to Paris. Just imagining being surrounded by first editions and being able to view the Eiffel Tower, …

Book Review: Freddie Entangled by Kiru Taye

Book Title: Freddie Entangled
Author: Kiru Taye Format: eBook
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
After reading Freddie EntangledI know that I will be reading the next one in the series, which is entitled Freddie Untangled.  Having only read the first book in the Essien Trilogy, Keeping Secrets, I definitely have to read the other four books before this one. Even though I have not read books 2-5, I was able to follow the plot.  
In this book, Kike, a famous actress, who is often referred to as the Ice Queen, is married to Lekan, the pastor of a mega church.  After an incident that involved someone trying to take her son, Yomi, she decides that a bodyguard is necessary for her and her son. 
Kike contacts the security firm, where Freddie works. Eventually, Freddie is hired to be Kike's personal bodyguard. His partner, Benson, watches the children.  The immediate attraction between Kike and Freddie is intriguing, overpowering, and surprising to me. 
Interestingly enough, the development of the plot…

Book Review: The Best Team Wins by Adam Robinson

Book Title:The Best Team Wins
Author: Adam Robinson Format: Audiobook Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The Best Team Wins, written by Adam Robinson, focuses on how important hiring the right people to work in an organization to the bottom line or profit of the organization.  Robinson provides several strategies or steps, which can potentially enhance a company's ability to identify team members, who can actually contribute to an organization.

I did not realize how important hiring the right people can impact an organization.  Robinson indicated that about "70 percent of the cost structure of a typical company" revolves around the people that work at the organization.  I could not believe how large this percentage was.

In my opinion, this book is ideal for budding entrepreneurs, who are looking to expand their organization.  This book provides a lot of information to assist in identifying key people for an organization. Entrepreneurs, who are foreign to the hiring process, could bene…