Monday, March 21, 2011

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Yes, I know the title of this book. No, I did not make a mistake. No, the title should not be "The Art of War," even though that supposedly is a good book.

Thanks to @duchessdi (please follow her) I was able to read the book during my NO Spend Month. She let me borrow it via the Nook application. Technology is amazing. Want to know more about that? That's on my more personal blog. Check it out!

This book is about the control resistance takes when it comes to creativity and being a writer. Even though this book is specifically for helping writers overcome resistance and write their masterpiece, the principles laid throughout this book can be applied to ever day life.

One of the principles that I think of often since reading this book is "If I was the last person on Earth, would I still do it?" Applying this to everything you do can make you stop wasting time on things that truly don't matter. If you wouldn't do it if you were the last person on Earth, then why bother.

The defining principle of how resistance exists was profound. Thanks to reading this book, I  have conquered so much. Instead of looking at the task before hand and thinking I can't do it or won't succeed, I fight the resistance and plunge into it. That helped me complete the work that I desperately needed to finish today. It helped me conquered moving most of my belongings last week. This book helped me unpack several garbage bags and place several hundred books in designated areas. Slowly I will conquer more things and fight the true appearance of resistance.

I highly recommend this book for people, who struggle with procrastination, for people, who really have tasks to complete and the fear of not being able to complete it.  This book is amazing. I am glad that @Veron (a wonderful thinker on twitter) suggested this for our virtual book club #truthchat.  Can't wait for the next book. Oh yeah...make sure you follow him! :-)

What's one thing that you always wanted to do but have be afraid to even begin to work towards it? Post it as a comment on email it to me. I want to help you achieve it! I promise that you need to remember one thing: don't knock it until you try it!

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