Saturday, August 11, 2012

Maria Juana's Gift by T. Lloyd Winetsky

Grabbing my attention from the very beginning, Maria Juana's Gift, written by T. Lloyd Winetsky, reveals a love story, which began from an unimaginable connection and grew into a surreal romance. Maria Juana's Gift unfolds using flashbacks to illustrate the beginning of the love affair between Tina and Jake.  Finding an immediate commonality with Jake and Tina, I discover I possess a strange desire to figure out exactly how the plot will unfold.  Having been a special education teacher for years, this commonality creates a familiarity with the text and encouraged me to devour it.  The passion that both Tina and Jake have spills over into their admiration they quickly have for each other.  Sprinkled with Spanish throughout the text, Maria Juana's Gift demonstrates the power of love and trust in a relationship and how these two components can lend a helping hand through the most trying of times.  After reading Maria Juana's Gift, I appreciated more the lives of my three children and the joy they bring to me.

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