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Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl by N. D. Wilson

Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl: A Wide-Eyed Wonder in God's Spoken World promises to be a book that you will never forget.  Starting the preface off with "What excuses can I possibly make for this book," N. D. Wilson does not prepare you for the unexpected journey that you embark upon, as each word from the pages of his book leaves a permanent imprint on both your mind and soul.

In the beginning, confusion comes to mind.  I couldn't quite predict the direction in which the book was headed.  I feel like Wilson tricked me with the preface.  I wasn't expecting to be so in touch with the world around me.  I wasn't expecting to appreciate the essence of the minuteness of both the largest and smallest creature.

This book silently pushes you into a world of deep thought.  I found myself starting to examine how grateful I was for the small things.  I honestly do believe that Wilson is probably the only author in the world, who can make you have a second thought about sq…

The Condor Song by Darryl Nyznyk

The Condor Song by Darryl Nyznyk is the best suspense novel that I have read in a LOOONNNGGG time! Nyznyk brings to life the legal world with the environmental world through a series of unexpected twists and turns. The main character, Sean Donovan, begins the riveting unpredictable story, as a dismal man, whose professional and personal life was snatched away from him by a colleague AND former friend, Richard Wolf. Through several unexpected events and deaths, Sean Donovan slowly begins to regain his life back, piece by piece.  Ironically, the condor bird, the largest flying land birds in the North America, gives him all of his life back, literally.

The Condor Song tricks the reader into getting lost in the battle between good and bad, between Sean and Richard, and between the Sierra Club and the Golden Company.  Even though evil appears to prevails, the ending of The Condor Song sweeps you off your feet.

Nyznyk not only wrote a wonderful book, but he rekindled a buried desired of mine…

Free Starbucks Drink and The Condor Song by Darryl Nyznyk

This combination of Starbucks and reading The Condor Song by Darryl Nyznyk is awesome ! 

The Condor Song by Darryl Nyznyk

This book has me on edge. I'm looking forward to finishing it.