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Blog Tour: Resist by Tracy Lawson

Resist by Tracy Lawson is book two of a trilogy set that follows the first book, CounteractEven though I read Resistbefore reading Counteract, I was still able to follow the plot of the text.  At the very beginning of Resist, the reader jumps right in to Tommy and Careen's current situation, which is being on the run from the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense.

Playing on the emotions of readers, who are familiar with terrorist attacks, Lawson draws the reader into the trickery of the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense and the falsehood surrounding the anecdote.  Furthermore, the text follows the Resistance movement to overthrow a very powerful government.

Lawson paints a powerful picture of what could possibly happen when citizens trust the government to help deal with terrorism.  Citizens have relinquish their abilities to think for themselves, to act for themselves, and the general liberties and freedoms that are normally afforded to citizens.

From the very beginning …