Sunday, October 25, 2015


I've heard about eBook subscriptions, but I have never tried them. I love the feel of books and seeing them beaming on my shelves. 

Currently, my books are in storage. I miss them dearly. Their absence have me craving for books.  My friends suggested that I check out Scribd. 

Similar to Netflix, Scrib puts books in the palm of your hand, and you only pay $9.00. Skeptical about signing up, I decided to try it using  the 30 day free trial. I wonder if I will become addicted. During my pregnancy, I was addicted to Netflix because I was on bed rest. 

So far, I have two books in my library. I like how an estimated time of how long it will take to read the book is provided. I'm intrigued by this feature. 

Some books have an audiobook option. I spend a lot time in my car when I pick of my children from school. I may try the audiobooks. A subscription for audiobooks is available, too. 

Do you subscribe to an eBook service? What are your thoughts? 

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