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Book Review: I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual by Luvvie Ajayi

Book Title: I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual
Author: Luvvie Ajayi
Format: Paperback

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Ajayi is widely known throughout social media as Awesomely Luvvie because of her blog, which is where I first became introduced to her.  Luvvie was blogging before blogging was a "thing" and has contributed to presenting incredible commentary on one of my favorite shows, Scandal.  So, when I heard that she had a new book, I wanted to get it ASAP.  When my ARC copy arrived, it was a very sacred moment.  I did not want to ruin the pages or crinkle the cover. What would Ajayi think of me if I did not handle her book with care? I decided to wait until I could focus on reading the book.

Riding on the passenger side during a trip to visit my in-laws, I decided to devour the book.  Reading the first page of I'm Judging You, I knew that I would not be disappointed.  Ajayi makes you laugh out loud.  My husband kept giving me major "side-eye" as I kept bursting out in laughter.  I know he thinks that I am a bookworm and weird when it comes to my books, but I confirm it all thanks to Ajayi.  

In her book, Luvvie invites you to perform a reality check on yourself and those around you.  Using her "tell it like it is" humor, Luvvie brings to your attention all of the issues and challenges facing society.  For instance, the story of her "friend" and her romantic interest is hilarious, true, and maybe points the finger at me, but I am NOT telling on me. This story can be found in the chapter, "When Baehood Goes Bad." I will not give away any spoilers, but if you have a friend, who is dating someone unworthy, please share this book. Tab the chapter. Highlight the section.  Please do anything that will get her to read that chapter.  I even let my mom read the dating chapter because she did not believe me as I tried to explain the story to her. My mom has been married for 40+ years, and women were different during her dating years.  She was floored when she read the story.  Of course, I left out the part about how I had been in somewhat similar situations with dating after my divorce, but I eventually "snapped" out of it.  Whew! 

In I'm Judging You, Ajayi addresses so many topics, which include dating, racism, social media, culture, friendships, and so much more.  Thanks to her book I re-evaluated the email address that I was using.  I mean I have a Gmail account, but I do not use it as much as my Hotmail account.  Ajayi was judging me.  She gets major side-eye for that, but I get her point. Furthermore, she says want you to want to say, but you choose to hold your tongue.  She shares the truth about herself and suggests that you start examining your truth.  Being from Nigerian, she exposes the truth of American culture and how American behavior usually is enwrapped in a web of tangled foolishness.  There is even a chapter entitled, Racism is for Assholes. 

The Epilogue, Do Something that Matters, illuminates why Ajayi is sharing such profound life lessons with the reader. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend this book.  Since Christmas is just around the corner, I will be giving this book as Christmas gift

Have you read I'm Judging You? What was your favorite chapter?
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