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Book Review: The Best Team Wins by Adam Robinson

Book Title:The Best Team Wins
Author: Adam Robinson Format: Audiobook Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The Best Team Wins, written by Adam Robinson, focuses on how important hiring the right people to work in an organization to the bottom line or profit of the organization.  Robinson provides several strategies or steps, which can potentially enhance a company's ability to identify team members, who can actually contribute to an organization.

I did not realize how important hiring the right people can impact an organization.  Robinson indicated that about "70 percent of the cost structure of a typical company" revolves around the people that work at the organization.  I could not believe how large this percentage was.

In my opinion, this book is ideal for budding entrepreneurs, who are looking to expand their organization.  This book provides a lot of information to assist in identifying key people for an organization. Entrepreneurs, who are foreign to the hiring process, could bene…

Book Review: Ego Free Leadership

Book Title: Ego Free Leadership Author: Brandon Black and Shayne Hughes Format: Ebook Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Ego Free Leadership explored the stages of professional growth for a chief executive officer(CEO of a debt collection agency).  Written by a CEO, Brandon Black, and his professional coach, Shayne Hughes, Ego Free Leadership shows how the ego of a leader can impact his or her effectiveness. I appreciated the transparency presented in this text. I've read many books on leadership, which focus specifically on the positives and exclude their trials and tribulations. This book stands out because it is genuinely written to share what many leaders would normally omit.

I enjoyed reading Ego Free Leadership for several reasons. First, the authors presented numerous scenarios, which explained what was occurring, how ego played a negative or positive role, and what to do as a corrective measure. Before reading this book, I never really considered how much my ego can impact my ability to …