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Book Review: In the Heart of Texas by Ginger McKnight-Chavers

Book Title: In The Heart of Texas
Author: Ginger McKnight-Chavers
Format: Paperback
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In the Heart of Texas is a story about an actress, Jo Randolph, and her unexpected transition to her hometown, Midland Texas.  Having a desire to be an actress since her childhood, Jo achieves her dream, but she has to pay a cost.

This book was quite entertaining.  Striving to be more than a desperate actress, Jo became entangled in a unique love affair that ultimately costs her a coveted job and a familiar life. Ultimately, as Jo's life falls apart, she partakes in a journey of self-discovery, which transforms her life right before her eyes.

Once Jo's love affair explodes into a media circus, she quickly retreats to her hometown, Midland, Texas.  Having promised herself that she would not return to her hometown, she quickly experiences a culture shock.  Adjusting to the slow pace of Midland, Texas from Hollywood is a very interesting transition for Jo.

While home, Jo i…