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Blonde Faith by Walter Mosley

Thanks to reading Vern's Book site, Prissy Book Snob Blog, I discovered Walter Mosley. I am glad she didn't disappoint me! Blonde Faith was my first book by Walter Mosley AND my first Easy Rawlins Thriller. I really enjoyed reading this book. The continuous twists and turns of the plot kept me wanting more. I like how Mosley make Easy so real. The imagery and dialogue draws the reader into a world unknown but familiar. Easy Rawlins is almost your suspicious but likable neighbor next door. Even though a fictional work, Mosley teaches you how gullible and dangerous you can be with people, who you do not know, and the importance of filtering information you know to someone. Mosley also shows how even the toughest can be the softest, when it comes to matters of the heart. Unfortunately, I did not like the ending, but this book was definitely the outlet I needed.

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Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

"Do the Work" is another book by Steven Pressfield. This book was not as indepth as I was expecting.  Providing the boost necessary to accomplish that one dream or thing you wanted to do, this book gives you a simplified outline of how to do so.  I read this book because it was the book assigned for my virtual book club via Twitter and Facebook (#truthchat).  Unfortunately, this book lacked a lot of necessary substance I feel is necessary to get across the point Pressfield was trying to make. However, it was well worth the purchase amount. It was free on, sponsored by the Domino Project.  Even though I wasn't fully impressed, I did highlight a lot of quotes. This book is definitely a "sticky note" book.
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A Piece of Mine" by J. California Cooper

"A Piece of Mine" by J. California Cooper was a phenomenal book.  When I read this book, I was experiencing so much.  Reading this book was what I needed in my life.  J. California Cooper is an excellent storyteller.

As I read the book, I was unable to distinguish between fact or fiction.  Even though all the stories seem real and relevant to my life, Cooper entertained me, as well. The embedded words of wisdom within the pages of "A Piece of Mine" should be heard by every woman.  Cooper gave me what I needed to hear and what I wanted to hear.

In "A Piece of Mine," she uses numerous short stories to illustrate life lessons.  The life lessons are presented in a matter of fact way, which forced me to evaluate the applicability to my life.  Each story possesses the energy of a wise mother, grandmother, relative, best friend, or sister.

Some of the life lessons that Cooper shares include the following:

1. God replaces what you lose with something better.


The Ghosts of Rowan Oak by Dean Faulkner Wells

Containing three ghost stores, "Judith," "The Werewolf," and "The Hound," this book was amazing. Written specifically for children, Dean Faulkner Wells is William Faulkner's niece, and she captures the true essence of Faulkner's ability to tell amazing stories.

Having walked on the marvelous grounds of Rowan Oak, located in Oxford, MS, I can only imagine the eeriness and uneasiness it can possess during the midnight hour. If I was listening to Faulkner tell one of these stories in person, I would not be the same. "Judith" was told to me in bits and pieces. I know that many people believe that the story is true. Regardless if the story is true or false, the plot keeps you engaged and wondering "what if."

Even as the plot unfolded in "The Werewolf," I felt uneasy and nervous, as if I was standing in the train station, trying to force the window down.  I wanted to help the young man. I had it all figured out, yet I kept …