Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blonde Faith by Walter Mosley

Thanks to reading Vern's Book site, Prissy Book Snob Blog, I discovered Walter Mosley. I am glad she didn't disappoint me! Blonde Faith was my first book by Walter Mosley AND my first Easy Rawlins Thriller. I really enjoyed reading this book. The continuous twists and turns of the plot kept me wanting more. I like how Mosley make Easy so real. The imagery and dialogue draws the reader into a world unknown but familiar. Easy Rawlins is almost your suspicious but likable neighbor next door. Even though a fictional work, Mosley teaches you how gullible and dangerous you can be with people, who you do not know, and the importance of filtering information you know to someone. Mosley also shows how even the toughest can be the softest, when it comes to matters of the heart. Unfortunately, I did not like the ending, but this book was definitely the outlet I needed.

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