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2016 Reading Challenge and Bookmark Giveaway

2015 is almost over.  I am happy to report that I was able to complete my Goodreads challenge. I have completed 14 of the 10 books that I wanted to read.  I am hoping to finish The Time Traveler's Wife before the year ends.  I am listening to it via audiobooks through my Scribd subscription. I get one full credit each month.  I am looking forward to writing a review about it.

In 2016, I will be doing a reading challenge that will be probably the hardest challenge ever.  I am going to participate in the POPSUGAR 2016 Reading Challenge
The Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge intrigued me because of the variety that it encourages in my reading.  Thanks to PR By the Book, I have been reading a variety of books.  The list is about 41 books.  I am really excited about this challenge.  As a reader, I will grow more trying to follow the guidelines of the challenge.  `I will be using Goodreads to keep up with the books that I read.

Happy Birthday Jane Austen

Today is Jane Austen's birthday!

Blog Tour: The Poet's Secret by Kenneth Zak

When I first started reading The Poet's Secret, I was immediately intrigued by how Kenneth Zak begins each chapter. Each chapter starts with poetry before you get in the narrative part of the novel.I love this technique.As I read the book, I soon discovered that the poetry excerpts were from the poet, Cameron Beck.Cameron Beck is a talented poet, who has gone "off the grid."An English major, Elia, reminds me of how I was as a graduate student in my MA English program. When Elia starts her journey to find Beck, he is actually at the top of a cliff about to commit suicide.This very fact is an indicator of how intense this book is.
I understand how this book could have been a Golden Heart Finalist selection by the Romance Writers of America.The romance story within the text makes you truly appreciate falling in love. The imagery draws you in as a reader. Zak is truly able to capture his audience to complete the book.I mean you will laugh along with the text.You may even shed…

Guest Post - Giving Books to Build Personal Libraries of Knowledge by Gini Cunningham

Giving Books to Build Personal Libraries of Knowledge
By Gini Cunningham 

We have long espoused the value of reading books to infants and toddlers. Even in the womb, the rhythm and flow of words from the mother or other reader seems to calm and possibly inspire contentment for the baby. While there are numerous other factors in producing healthy, vibrant, book-loving children, reading to them holds enormous value. As we move away from hard print and into a digital age, bound books are sometimes lost. They are still present on electronic devices, but they are not physically present in the age-old turning-of-the-pages way. Reading is eyes to mind as we zip across the page, but it is also the touch of a quality interior, the slide of the fingertip as the next image is revealed, the smell of print, and for babies, the taste of paper, book jacket, and cover.

Research indicates that reading books is powerful, but actually possessing them is even more important. Successful reading often ind…

4 Ways to Be an Organized Bibliophile

With so much to choose from today, it is easy to be overwhelmed with books and what to read.  I have a growing list on Goodreads, and I have books that I own, which I have yet to read.  You have Scribd, iBooks, Kindle, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the library.  Sometimes,it is so hard for me to choose what I want to read.  I get review copies for my blog.  I really enjoy the review copies.  I mean it makes me feel like a VIP bibliophile.  With my books in storage, Scribd is definitely coming to the rescue.  I do have books on bookshelves in the living room, kitchen, and my bedroom, also in the rooms of my children, as well.  Reading too many books and buying too many books can happen so fast, when you are a true book lover.  You have so many options and so many formats to read. 
I have a few suggestions to help you achieve some sort of organization with your reading.  I hope these help you like they help me.

Start a TBR (To Be Read) list on Goodreads.  This list helps you to add book…

Addicted to Scribd

I think I am addicted to Scribd. I've been reading Infidel on my phone. This book has so many themes. It's very hard to put down. I will be writing a very thorough blogpost about it later.

Today, I started an audiobook using the one full credit that I had to go along with my free trial. I listened as I ran errands and took my daughter to ballet. My children were into the book even more than I was.  Ironically, my eight year old practiced a technique described in the book. 
I listened to audiobooks a long time ago. I'm sure I blogged about it then.  I had my children hooked on audiobooks after reading The Help. Somehow, I stopped. I will be giving up some of my ratchetness to continue my love of books. 
So now, I don't know what to do. I'm reading three books at one time. 😩😩😩. I'm reading The Poet's Secret (paperback), Infidel (Scribd), and 18 Minutes. Plus, I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month. Did I mention that I have a two month old, …


I've heard about eBook subscriptions, but I have never tried them. I love the feel of books and seeing them beaming on my shelves. 
Currently, my books are in storage. I miss them dearly. Their absence have me craving for books.  My friends suggested that I check out Scribd. 
Similar to Netflix, Scrib puts books in the palm of your hand, and you only pay $9.00. Skeptical about signing up, I decided to try it using  the 30 day free trial. I wonder if I will become addicted. During my pregnancy, I was addicted to Netflix because I was on bed rest. 
So far, I have two books in my library. I like how an estimated time of how long it will take to read the book is provided. I'm intrigued by this feature. 
Some books have an audiobook option. I spend a lot time in my car when I pick of my children from school. I may try the audiobooks. A subscription for audiobooks is available, too. 
Do you subscribe to an eBook service? What are your thoughts? 

Book Review: The Hard Times by Russell Scott

The Hard Times by Russell Scott highlights life from the perspective of men.  Scott includes love, tragedy, divorce, theft, and betrayal, among other themes, to portray how love can trump over it all.  Ray Moffett's journey throughout the novel is filled with real-life events that readers can relate.  My curiosity about the ties between Fritz and Ray was fully satisfied as the novel unfolded.

Being a physician from my home state of Mississippi, Scott pays close attention to details throughout the text, just like I am sure he does at the hospital.  This attention to detail makes using figurative language a breeze, as Scott plays on the emotions of the reader. Also, Scott leaves the reader contemplating interactions with others, as well as how the interactions ultimately can impact their lives. Bringing in his medical expertise, Scott narrates a drama that if full of characters with life and drama with surreal emotions.

Overall, I was very pleased with the book.  From the beginning t…

Blog Tour: Resist by Tracy Lawson

Resist by Tracy Lawson is book two of a trilogy set that follows the first book, CounteractEven though I read Resistbefore reading Counteract, I was still able to follow the plot of the text.  At the very beginning of Resist, the reader jumps right in to Tommy and Careen's current situation, which is being on the run from the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense.

Playing on the emotions of readers, who are familiar with terrorist attacks, Lawson draws the reader into the trickery of the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense and the falsehood surrounding the anecdote.  Furthermore, the text follows the Resistance movement to overthrow a very powerful government.

Lawson paints a powerful picture of what could possibly happen when citizens trust the government to help deal with terrorism.  Citizens have relinquish their abilities to think for themselves, to act for themselves, and the general liberties and freedoms that are normally afforded to citizens.

From the very beginning …