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Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Book title: The Little Paris Bookshop
Author: Nina George
Format: Audiobook
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George is a New York Times Bestseller that makes you appreciate a good book.  I listened to the audiobook version of this book, which unfortunately took me longer than I would like to complete an audiobook.  My rating of the book could have been higher, if I read the text instead of listened to it.  The audiobook was spoken with a French accent, which sometimes distracted me.

I chose this book because the title contained two of my favorite things: Paris and books.   The main character, Peru, appealed to me because he sold books, which is one of my long-term goals. The love of books is intricately involved throughout the  plot of the book.  Peru was known as a "book pharmacist."  When customers entered his bookstore, Peru "prescribed" a book for the "symptoms of life."  Personally, I have found that reading can ease the stin…

Book Review: Life is Short by J. California Cooper

When I started reading this book, I had no idea that I would finish it in one day.  Life is Short But Wide" by J. California Cooper is a complicated romance novel that leaves you wondering so much.

As I maneuvered through "Life is Short But Wide", I felt the pain that Cooper was describing.  The grief, the abuse, and the poison are all elements of the book that made me cringe.  Cooper forced me to question human nature.  How can someone be evil or selfish or uncaring?  What motivates someone to be full of spite?

In "Life is Short But Wide", Cooper tells a story that makes you crave true love.  She gives you hope that real love is possible.  I could relate to both Herman's desires, as well as Myine.  The ending of the text was everything I hoped it to be, but ironically, it made me appreciate the beginning even more.  I love stories that end on a happy note.

If I continue writing more, I will have to include spoilers.  However, I must say that J. Californi…

Book Review: Master Your Sleep by Dr. Tracey Marks

If you experience sleeping problems, I would suggest that you read Master Your Sleep by Dr. Tracey Marks.  Not only does Master Your Sleep explains sleep and its importance in your life, but you discover proven strategies to improve your sleep.

Master Your Sleep provides suggestions on how to ensure that children are getting enough sleep. Interestingly enough, one important fact, which I did not know about sleep and sleeping patterns, was that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is directly linked to inadequate sleep in children. Since reading this book, I make a more conscious effort to calculate the number of hours of sleep that my children are getting. Master Your Sleep highlights how important it is to have a sleep routine.  An established sleep routine increases the likelihood of improving your ability to sleep.

Master Your Sleep is filled with valuable information.   When visiting Dr. Marks website, various printables are available  to improve your sleeping habits.  I…