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Room By Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue’s book, “Room,” is the story of triumph for a mother and her son, Jack. The main character’s, Jack, Ma, and Old Nick, have a life in the beginning of the story, which mimics the tragic story of Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned his daughter, Elizabeth Fritzl, in a cellar for 24 years and raped her. Living for seven years in a 11x11 room, Jack’s “Ma” provides Jack with a close as normal life. However, once Jack becomes five, the world he knows changes. Written from the perspective of five year old Jack, "Room" can be a hard read. The dialect used is very confusing in the beginning, but once you push through it and become accustomed to it, this book is beyond amazing. Having three children of my own, “Room” highlighted how important spending time with my children was and how important considering their point of view is. Jack’s “Ma” explanation of everything was astonishing because she ensured that regardless of the subject matter, Jack should completely understand. Possessing themes of isolation, self-reliance, and family, “Room” is a must-read, especially if you have children. 


  1. Good review. Every book has a lesson and it seems you've taken away an important one: the importance of spending time with kids.

  2. That was a profound message of spending time and taking time out to enjoy one on one with a child.


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