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Camilla's Roses by Bernice McFadden

Listening to this book, while cooking dinner and fidgeting around my home, was surreal and felt like the characters were a part of my life, a part of my family. "Camilla's Roses" by Bernice McFadden starts off so seductive that you almost think you are reading a book by Zane (nothing against Zane, but you get my point).  However, the seductiveness comes to an abrupt halt with the statement, "What's this?"  Touching close to home, Camilla is only 30 years old. I am a few months shy of the BIG 30, so immediately this book caught my attention.  As the plot unfolded from the point of view of the other characters, I was really thinking what's the point.  Why am I having to get through all of this to get to what's going on with Camilla? Yet, as I get closer to the end, McFadden does a superb job of making it all fall in place.  Everyone has a dysfunctional family member, whether they have a cognition problem, they have a drug/alcohol problem, and etc... N…

The Warmest December by Bernice McFadden

"The Warmest December" was a book filled with pain.  The prevalence of emotional, mental, physical abuse swallowed the plot of this book.  The predictable uncertain cycles, living in abuse, bearing down on the victims, is amazingly portrayed in this book. McFadden illustrates how from one generation to the next the abuse keeps going and the bottles keep being the soother of the pain.

The surreal pain present makes you feel sorry, makes you cringe, makes you shake your head, makes you want to help, makes you want to intervene, and makes you want to slap some sense into someone. However, the ending of the book proves that the cycle can be broken. Pain comes and goes. Circumstances change. McFadden proves that you don't have to let it control you life. Slowly you can take charge and stop the cycle. This book was phenomenal. My second book to finish by McFadden this week, "The Warmest December" was just too good to put down.

Now here is what you can do since you hav…

Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime by J. California Cooper

Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime  leaves you evaluating friendships, relationships, and life. I love the storytelling technique J. California Cooper uses to draw you into each story.  A compilation of stories, Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime are not as short as the stories in A Piece of Mine, but the stories are somewhat similar.

J. California Cooper  is a wonderful author, who exposes you to life lessons of others, which you can apply. Thanks to this book I evaluated my own life. Striving to change some things, I can credit J. California Cooper with making it real for me!

What life lessons have you learned that had a huge impact on your life?

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Master Your Sleep - Proven Methods Simplified by Tracey I. Marks MD

Having been dealing with sleep problems for while, when I found this book on NetGalley, I was overly excited. Not only does Master Your Sleep explains sleep and its importance in your life, but Dr. Marks shares proven strategies to improve your sleep and your children sleep.  Interestingly enough, one important fact, which I did not know, was that ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is linked to inadequate sleep in children. Since reading this, I have made a more conscious effort to calculate the hours my children spend sleeping. Dr. Marks makes it clear that having a sleep routine increases the likelihood of improving your ability to sleep.  Ironically, my children have a sleep routine, but I am yet to actually create one for myself.  However, I have gone to her book website and printed out the sheets available to improve my sleeping habits.  With the abundance of information available on her website, in the book, and the book website, I can assume that Dr. Marks is an ex…

Single Again by Victoria Jaycox

As you can see, I devoured Victoria Jaycox's book, "Single Again: A Guide for Women Starting Over," with sticky notes. Sadly, I do not own this book. This book is a library book. I am definitely going to purchase this book. Now the task remains to keep all my sticky notes for future reference. Any ideas?
This book is phenomenal. Designed for women, who are single due to being divorced or being a widow,  this book covers every single aspect of being single. From financial to sex, every relevant topic is address. I was so surprised that through my own transition, I had done some of the things suggested. What was more overwhelming was the presence of resources, life lessons from actual women, and the "matter-of-fact" writing style.  Some of the stories shared gave me so much hope. I am not alone. My situation is not as bad as it could have been. However, I am making the best of it. Thanks to the information provided in this book I am so inspired and motivated.

Cinnamon Kiss by Walter Mosley

On today, I returned the audiobook, "Cinnamon Kiss," by Walter Mosley. This book taught me that I probably should have read the Easy Rawlings's books in order. I definitely should have read this one before reading "Blonde Faith." I found myself constantly mentally referring back to what happened in "Blonde Faith," and I was comparing it to "Cinnamon Kiss." Thanks to this book, I can connect Feather's sickness, Black's relationship with Easy, Mouse's demeanor, Easy's relationship with Bonnie, and so much.

One of the things I did not like about this book was the sexual scenes. Somehow hearing them instead of reading them made the scenes appear extra vulgar and too graphic. I can't remember if "Blonde Faith" had sexual scenes. The middle of the book and close to the end was filled with those scenes. Perhaps external influences from my own life played a part in recognizing them and not being pleased. I did not think…

Walking Wisdom by Gotham Chopra

Yesterday, I signed up for a library card in Madison County. That was long overdue. I really don't know why it has taken me so long to go to the library. I also picked up my first audiobook, "Cinnamon Kiss," written by Walter Mosley.
I finished my first audiobook today. The name of the book was "Walking Wisdom," written by Gotham Chopra. He is the son of a "guru," Deepak Chopra. I did not know this before checking out the audiobook and downloading the audiobook from the Madison County Library. Yet, I am really glad I read the book.
Listening throughout my day, during two workouts, running errands, unpacking at my apartment, and cleaning my apartment, I have developed a new found love for audiobooks. My mind was focused on listening and the second task at hand. I was no longer thinking of all I could be doing or the problems I have going on. Amazingly, I did not wake up with a headache/migraine. I enjoyed fully my day.
Now back to the book...
Based on the …

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey by Walter Mosley

Today, I finished reading, "The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey" by Walter Mosley. This was my second book by Walter Mosley. Ptolemy Grey is an elderly man, dealing with dementia.  At the beginning of the book, the chaos of Ptolemy is surreal.  Mosley makes you wonder exactly how things could be for you when you become old. The various examples of Ptolemy being taken advantage of is real. I have always wondered why and how people could take advantage of the elderly, especially the sick and elderly.  Ironically though, this fictional book provides unique life lessons. Some of them are clear. Some of them you may miss but become evident as you read.

One of the most prevailing points, in my opinion, sticks out. This point - make sure your affairs and estate are taken care of before you past - is one that people often takes for granted. Ptolemy was able to get his affairs in place and foresee some of the things we have witnessed after death. For instance, Malcolm X's five daughte…