Monday, January 10, 2011

Hope on a Tightrope: Words & Wisdom by Cornel West

Having heard about Cornel West and following him on Twitter, I was interested in reading his latest book, Hope on a Tightrope: Words & Wisdom. Being the first book to read by him, Hope on a Tightrope, is broken into various chapters, which focus on specific topics.  West identifies problem(s) in the United States, regarding each topic, especially as it affects the African-American community, presents his philosophy about the topic, and suggests numerous solutions to solve the problem(s).  Remembering that philosophy is a relative subject, I was able to take my own beliefs and compare/contrast them to his. Often times, my beliefs do not coincide with his, but I can see his logic behind his philosophy. Being a very thought-provoking book, book clubs, focusing on philosophical books, may want to consider this book because of the potential of very good discussions. Overall, I enjoyed this book, and I would definitely consider reading it again.

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