Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camilla's Roses by Bernice McFadden

Sugar: A NovelCamilla's RosesThe Warmest DecemberListening to this book, while cooking dinner and fidgeting around my home, was surreal and felt like the characters were a part of my life, a part of my family. "Camilla's Roses" by Bernice McFadden starts off so seductive that you almost think you are reading a book by Zane (nothing against Zane, but you get my point).  However, the seductiveness comes to an abrupt halt with the statement, "What's this?"  Touching close to home, Camilla is only 30 years old. I am a few months shy of the BIG 30, so immediately this book caught my attention.  As the plot unfolded from the point of view of the other characters, I was really thinking what's the point.  Why am I having to get through all of this to get to what's going on with Camilla? Yet, as I get closer to the end, McFadden does a superb job of making it all fall in place.  Everyone has a dysfunctional family member, whether they have a cognition problem, they have a drug/alcohol problem, and etc... No family is perfect. "Camilla's Roses" proves that regardless of how you feel about your family and the unforgettable dysfunction your family"s roots keep it all together and holds you together, especially during situations dealing with cheating spouses and illnesses.  I really enjoyed this book.  McFadden is a wonderful author.  I also have read "The Warmest December" this week. Next on the "To Be Read" list by McFadden is "Sugar". I can't wait.
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